TMC TechPoint Inc.
Intercom Repair
TMC TechPoint is able to repair most models of M&S, Music & Sound, Nutone,
Broan and AudioTech Intercom System Masters.

We are able to troubleshoot many problems in your home to determine the origin of
the problem that you are experiencing.

Some Issues not pertaining to the master unit can be resolved in your home.
In the event that the master unit is the source of the problem, we can pull the unit and
bring it in for bench repair. When a master unit is brought in for service it is
refurbished to perform as close to new as possible.
Repaired units carry a 90 day warranty.

Typical cost to refurbish a master station is approximately $500.00
, assuming
the unit does not have extensive damage. The cost includes  pulling and
reinstalling the master after it has been repaired. Some exceptions include
current model M&S units such as the DMC1 and DMC3-4 which are factory
repair only and must be sent to the manufacture to be refurbished,
Repairs on these models typically range from
$550.00 on a DMC1 to $600.00 for the DMC3-4.

In the event that it is not possible or feasible to repair your unit we can
quote you a price to replace your existing system with a
M&S DMC3-4 or Intrasonic Retrofit Intercom System.

Please call with any questions or to set up a service call appointment.

Our Repair Technicians
have over 35 Years of experience in
repairing Music & Sound, M&S,
Nutone, Broan and Audio-Tech
Intercom Systems

You can trust
TMC TechPoint
for professional repair of your
Intercom System
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